Personal Membership

The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design was established in 2010 since when its membership of dedicated professionals has grown solidly. You are invited to become a member of the Institute if you are an urban designer in Hong Kong or the Asia Pacific region.

Full Member Admission Criteria
(for full details see the HKIUD bye-laws)

Urban Design Experience Statement (Note 1)
Form A – List of Experience – in chronological order

1 MM/YYYY - MM/YYYY ?? Months Organization Name Nature of Work / Study Region / Country Position / Role Objectives / Project Scale Result/Remarks
Total month


  1. Urban Design Experience – work/study experience that has impact on the public realm, including urban planning and design projects, civil engineering and infrastructure works, transport and urban regeneration projects, architectural and landscape projects.
  2. Experience that lasts longer than 6 months will be counted

Interview: you will be interviewed by a panel of 3 or more members nominated by the HKIUD Council, for a session of about 30 minutes, on your understanding of urban design principles and your practice experience to ensure that you are suitable to become a HKIUD member. The format would be 5 minutes for a mutual general introduction, 10 minutes for you to introduce your portfolio, 10 minutes for Q&A and 5 minutes for conclusion including the opportunity to ask the interview panel any questions you may have and how you would like to contribute to the work of the HKIUD.

Experience: your experience should be certified by a person directly related to the project, with notes of declaration that the information provided is of his/her personal knowledge. You should present a detailed breakdown of your experience to be stated in the application form on the role, percentage time, aspects e.g. design, management, technical support, supervision. The details of your experience may be questioned during the interview.

Fee & Payment

Membership fees are as follow:

Member Type Entrance Fee Subscription Fee (per Annum)
Full Member HKD$1,500 HKD$1,500
Fellows HKD$500 HKD$2,250
Associate Member / Non-resident Member HKD$1,000 HKD$1,000
Graduate Member HKD$500 HKD$500
Student Member / /
Retired Member / HKD$150
Corporate Affiliate with 1 - 5 HKIUD Members HKD$5,000
with 6 or more HKIUD Members HKD$10,000
List of Member

The completed membership application package can be sent to the following address:

Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design
Unit 503, 5/F, Tower Two Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Continuing Professional Development


The HKIUD is now over two years old and in that time has gained over 100 members and become a recognised and respected voice on design and development issues in Hong Kong. The HKIUD Council believes that we should now move forward to consolidate the status of the Institute in different areas, one of which is to implement a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy.

Article 28 of the HKIUD Byelaws Powers and Duties of the Council enables the Council: To make rules, regulations or guidelines for the establishment and implementation of a mandatory continuing professional development scheme. At its meeting on 17 April 2012, the Council took the initial steps to implement such a scheme by approving a CPD Policy for the Institute.

Please note: The Council is fully aware of the commitment required from members to comply with CPD policies which are typical of other comparable institutes. For this reason, the CPD policy has the following characteristics:

  • It is to be introduced on a voluntary basis over the first two years in 2013 and 2014;
  • The number of CPD hours required per year will rise gradually from 15 hours in 2013, to 20 hours in 2014 and to 25 hours in 2015 when CPD will become mandatory on all members except students.
  • The nature of programmes and activities which are acceptable for CPD are considered broad and achievable. Indeed, it is likely that certain acceptable activities will overlap with the CPD requirements of other Institutes.

Purpose and features of the CPD Policy

CPD regimes have been established as an accepted requirement for members across a wide spectrum of professional institutes. CPD is essentially a means to ensure that professionals keep abreast of knowledge and skills affecting their professional field. CPD supports the recognition of professional bodies that implement it as well as sustaining the integrity of the membership.

For the HKIUD, introducing a CPD requirement for members is an important step in the development of the institute. The proposed CPD policy draws from existing policies of other similar institutes in Hong Kong. The main features of the proposed policy are:-

  • Required for all members except student members.
  • To start from January 2013 with the annual CPD requirement increasing from 15 hours in 2013, to 20 hours in 2014 and 25 hours in 2015.
  • In December 2013, all members will be asked to voluntarily demonstrate that they have undertaken at least 15 hours of CPD during 2013.
  • From 2015 onwards, all members will need to submit at the end of that year a declaration that they have undertaken at least 25 hours of CPD during the previous calendar year.
  • From 2015 onwards, a few members will be randomly selected to provide a detailed CPD record of their CPD in that year.
  • From 2015 onwards, failure to comply with CPD requirements may ultimately incur disciplinary action under the HKIUD Code of Conduct.
  • CPD will be overseen by the MEC.(over time and as resources allow, a CPD committee, independent of the MEC or the Council may be set up.)
  • CPD activities should demonstrate real value to personal professional development. Active learning is encouraged over passive learning.
  • In due course, the Council may consider offering an annual fee discount to members who submit a detailed CPD record, whether requested or voluntarily.

The policy will be displayed on the HKIUD website for ease of reference.

What to do now?

First of all, members should understand the CPD policy and consider the different events and activities that may be accountable for CPD. These are listed in the Declaration Form in Appendix A of the policy. Members should then plan their own schedule of CPD activities for the year 2013 with view to submitting a declaration to the Institute after December 2013.
In principle, Members will need to consider if these activities are acceptable for CPD submissions in the first instance. Ultimately however, it will be up to the HKIUD in reviewing CPD submissions to decide on whether any activity is suitable. For its part, where possible, the Institute will arrange or support relevant CPD programmes and events and will indicate where such activities are acceptable for CPD.
If you have any queries about the CPD policy, please contact the Administrative Officer Ms Cherry Lau

Tel: 852-2530 8135

Fax: 852-2530 8100