Our Structure


Council Members

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the General Council, the members of which are:


Mr. Joel CHAN

With the current progressive momentum and defined goal in promoting better urban design mapped out by HKIUD to which I have served for four years and my experience in other professional institutes carrying similar pursuits, I aim at leading and working closely with the forthcoming HKIUD’s Council in bringing HKIUD to a higher platform for positive changes in the ecology of the urban built environment, through:

  • Continual efforts in advocating the mainstreaming of urban design in major government decisions on built environment
  • Paving ways and ultimately striving for the recognition of Urban Designer as a profession in recruitments and LegCo Functional Constituency.
  • Keeping HKIUD members informed and informing stakeholders on current best urban design measures and practices o Contributing views on public affairs related to better urban design and livability o Continual efforts on "Actions for Active Ageing - urban design for all"
  • Contributing views on public affairs related to better urban design and livability
  • Continual efforts on "Actions for Active Ageing - urban design for all"
  • Facilitating young urban design professionals in interfacing with employers and stakeholders.
  • Strengthening digital interface and communication channels such as website, social media platform or apps with members, stakeholders and the wider community who are passionate about the betterment of our city environment.
  • Strengthening our networking with the media, other local and non-local professional bodies, and proactively reach out the wider community for positive publicity on HKIUD
I am currently a Director of the HKIUD Corporate Affiliate member firm P&T GROUP.

Vice President
(Local Affairs):

Mr. Donald CHOI
HKIUD, HKIA, RIBA, RAIA, AIBC, RAIC, APEC Architect, AP, Registered Architect – HKSAR

I believe in quality urban design and walkable urbanism. Let’s work together under HKIUD to enhance our built environment and Hong Kong’s livability.

Vice President
(Professional Development):

HKIUD, HKIA, BYAK Germany, BOA Singapore

Director of Farrells, is an architect and urban designer with more than 30 years of experience designing award-winning buildings and master plans that have shaped towns and cities throughout the world. As a long-time proponent of transit-oriented development, Stefan believes in the complementary relationship between walkability and public transport, and that vibrant, people-friendly streetscapes play an integral role in city sustainability and the success of urban districts.

Vice President
(External Affairs):

Mr. Barry WILSON

Despite excellent public transportation, a population that walks more than any other city and plentiful funds in the public coffers, the Hong Kong public realm remains a miserable battleground of roads, barriers and inaccessible public space. Our ageing population is concerned about their health and wellness in the urban environment. We need new methods of assessment, monitoring and information sharing in order to kickstart new public space development that values long term quality over short term cost effectiveness. We need new forms of collaboration, investment and management that reduces the onus on government to deliver formative solutions. We need proactive lobbying, discussion and above all action to urgently deliver awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainable, futureproofed solutions to urban living.

Hon Treasurer

Mr. Benny CHAN

Promote good urban design for the well-being of Hong Kong people through multi-disciplinary professional collaboration.

Hon Secretary

Mr. Charles LI

Charles is an urban designer, town planner, project manager with great passion for design. During 2009-10, he was a member of the Urban Design Alliance, which set the precedent for the HKIUD. Since then, He has been actively involved in the formation and continued growth of the Institute. He was one of the Founding Members cum Office Bearers. He was the Hon Treasurer 2010-2014; Vice President2014-2018. He also chaired HKIUD international conferences in 2016 and 2018, which set out good standards for betterment of the city and urban design actions for active ageing.

Charles believes that living standard and design quality in Hong Kong can be improved through increasing urban design awareness, education, expansion of the roles of urban designers and the recognition of professional qualifications.

Council Members

HKIUD, Architect d.p.l.g., French Govt, Academician, Academy of Urbanism

Ms. Sunnie LAU
HKIUD, Registered Architect (HKIA), RIBA, AIA (Assoc.)

HKIUD, FHKIP, RTPI The Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners, RPP

Dr. Peter Cookson SMITH

Mr. P.Y. TAM

Ms. Casey WANG

Mr. Franklin YU

Various committees comprising members of the Institute are responsible for specific areas of the Institute’s affairs. To date these committees include:

From time to time, the Council may set up taskforces to handle certain issues which demand particular attention such as upcoming conferences, awards competitions, annual dinner, and revisions to Articles and bye-laws etc.

Articles and Bye-law

The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design is a company limited by guarantee which was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance in 2010.
The Institute is governed by a memorandum and by articles of association. Together with a set of bye-laws now approved at the EGM held on 5th May 2011 these instruments cover, amongst other things, the classes and rights of and requirements of entry to membership of the Institute, the composition and powers of the council to manage the Institute and the conduct of general meetings.

HKIUD Articles of Association [PDF file]
HKIUD Bye-laws [PDF file]

Code of Conduct

Essentially, the code will spell out the aspirations and vision of the Institute. It will promote high standards of practice by establishing a framework for the acceptable professional behaviour and responsibilities of members. Rules will be incorporated to apply and enforce the code where breaches occur.

HKIUD Code of Conduct [PDF file]